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Design A Day

Ok so for todays little exercise I played with the trend Avant Garde. By definition it is about trying new things or a new way. Here is a mood board to show you the feel of this trend.


It is very loose and fun and simply yet random in its disruption in placing shapes. In my […]

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Design a Day

As part of my Design a Day challenge, today I have been working on a new pattern inspired by geometrics and stencil art. Here are my inspiration images I started from.


From here I had to decide on my geometric shape and have always had a thing for little crosses. So I added a layer of […]

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Design a Day

Okay so here are some of my designs from this exercise. Remember, not all designs are of a finished standard. This is just to get the creative juices flowing again as we head into the winter collection. Here I played with an old idea “There Birds Plotting” A Kookaburra, Cockatoo and Rosella plot on the […]

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2015 – the year ahead

Feeling a little slow to get back in the groove as I am sure you are too. So I have started the year with what I love best – designing and creating. I have started with a simple ‘design a day’ motto and am carving out thirty minutes to create. Now lets be honest not […]

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