Here is my art portfolio and my design / illustration portfolio. Enjoy the eye candy!


Some facts about me;

  • I love stories, original ideas, laughing and anything clever.
  • I love capturing elements of the Australian lifestyle.
  • I work both traditionally with pen/pencil/paint and with digital art.
  • I use a lot of photography & mess around in photoshop.
  • I love when I create a piece that resonates with a client.
  • I am an oil painter by trade but I love illustrating and mixed media (charcoal and ink).
  • My studio is my favourite place to be besides the beach or in bed with a great book.
  • I spend way too much time on my Mac doing repeats and colour ways.
  • I also work full time as I love working for brands I believe in, I enjoy driving projects, teams and business. I don’t believe in work life balance only in being in the moment.
  • People tell me I have too much energy!

Contact Trea here for enquiries on customised pieces.