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Behind the Designs – Part 3 The Koala

While finishing my Surface Design Diploma, we were working on a brief for wallpaper. One of my very talented fellow students Saskia Dommisse designed a beautiful triangle geometric which you can see on the left of the first image above. I have always had a thing for geometrics and triangles are also very in at […]

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Behind the Designs Part 2 – The Seagull

I was out one day and took a photo of a seagull on the beach.  Common as muck and yet I bet there isn’t an Aussie out there who doesn’t battle to keep his hot chips from the cheeky birds when lunching by the sea. It is this brazen cheekiness that inspired me. It is […]

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Behind the designs Part 1 – The Sydney ‘Coat Hanger’ or Bridge

In honour of our launch I thought I’d take you behind the designs to the where each creation began. I will feature a design a day for the next week.

Lets start with out iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This design is quite simple and bold which is very much my style.

Some quick facts. We all love […]

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Ladybird the new leopard print

After being so busy the last few months on admin and set up of the business it is nice to sit back and get back to what I love. Art and drawing patterns. I had a very cute lady bird catch a ride on my shirt yesterday. So I snapped him and used him for […]

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Sydney Jacarandahs in November

Once a year for a few weeks Jacarandahs pepper Sydney with purple. Actually a native tree to Brazil but I know here in Australia it is very much associated with the coming of Summer. This year I incorporated these beautiful flowers into the product photography for the Summer Collection 2014. Here is a sneak peak […]

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Art, Nature & Inspiration

Here is a blog I follow which has beautiful artistry. Its a textile designer’s blog about seasonal colour, screen printing and pattern design…Hand drawn nature which then inspire colour ways and artworks. Here is one of her artworks. Worth a quick squiz…… I particularly like this one where the canvas sits on a pot plant so […]

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Final Products!

Hi there,


Well, this week is a big week for Sydney Textile Co. We get final samples back. After six months of drawing, designing, researching colours and trying to stay true to our “Beautiful Designed, Australian Inspired” ethos we will finally see the designs, to scale, in colour as a fabulous beach bags, tote, scarf or […]

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Australian Design Studio, Sydney Textile Co. sneak peek first range.

Hi and welcome to Sydney Textile Co. I’m Trea.

This idea has been rattling round in my head for the last two years and I am very excited to be bringing it to life. After years of being attracted to everything to do with patterns, art and anything Australian, I finally got all my tools in […]

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