In honour of our launch I thought I’d take you behind the designs to the where each creation began. I will feature a design a day for the next week.

Lets start with out iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. This design is quite simple and bold which is very much my style.

Some quick facts. We all love our “Coat Hanger” as it is locally referred to, its an amazing launching pad for fireworks each year and is globally renown. Work first started in 1924 and 800 families where removed without compensation to make way. Sixteen men died during construction, it has around six million steel rivets and is considered the worlds heaviest load baring bridge of its kind. Completed in 1932 it was an engineering feat of its time.

So how to bring a contemporary design to our icon?

Well I started by walking it. On it and around it and taking lots of photos. I then chose an photo with a good angle and used tracing paper to make out the negative spaces. I then play with these in different compositions till I find the one I liked. Here you can see some different evolutions of the shapes until I found my final motif – well two in this case.

Next I put the motif into a tile and then into a pattern. This means I create a tile where the motif may appear numerous times or with other motifs or elements if needed to fill empty space. When working with fabric prints it is important to maximise the usage of the fabric when cutting so to do this you want your pattern to be tight and random if possible.

Finally you take your tile and put that into a repeated into  pattern. There are numerous ways to do this. You can do half drops, full drops, by column, row, hexagonal, brick and block to name a few. Because the motif is strong and a little busy I found this repeat worked best as a simple block repeat.

Tomorrow I will step you through another of the designs from the range, the cute geometric Koalas. See you then.