Design Stories – Annan Fabrics

I was delighted to find a book called Australian Accent in my local library this week. It features the designs of Annan Fabrics from the 40s and 50s. The bold screen-printed fabrics of Alexandra (Nance) Mackenzie and Anne Outlaw together are Annan Fabrics. Their studio was in Mosman (Vista St) for 13 years although a […]

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From the Design Mash to “Verse” the new collection

Today I wanted to share a bit more about the design mash so I have two videos for you. In them I talk about the paintings as they develop then the second video explains how the designs evolved from these artworks. I have called the collection “Verse” as it was inspired by Australian poetry/bush ballads. And what […]

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The Design Mash

Hi there,

Ok so sorry I got completely swamped with my life in the last two months. I am sure many of you know that feeling. Children, commitments and working from home is such a 9-230 juggle. And lets face it winter makes you want to hibernate!

But Im back to focussing on the website and working […]

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Australian Designed and Made.

Each month I thought I’d share with you other local businesses whom I meet on my journey so you too can build up a little black book of great local designers whom you can turn to for your products. I am constantly blown away by the creativity and energy of these people and the passion they […]

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What’s Our Essence?

I love the word essence. I immediately think about highly concentrated, deliciousness that is the secret ingredient in anything good! Like backyard cricket in summer or a spa at the end of a hard days work on a farm! So what is our essence?

Well, what do we know so far. Iconic Australian Design House, that […]

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Whats Our Purpose?


Not quite a partridge in a pear tree but what we do have is spectacular Rosellas, Kookaburras and Cockatoos. Here I imagine three birds plotting. Perhaps they are discussing who has the biggest seed or something heavier like why do we do what we do?

Every time I go out, my husband calls after me not […]

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Who Are We?

One of the things Australians have struggled with is who we are? It’s a tough question. We are a young country, built on the back of migrants, harsh and yet beautiful. We are the ‘Lucky Country’ of convicts and brave migrant battlers. But one thing we definitely are is Iconic. Our NYE fireworks are some of […]

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Art, Nature & Inspiration

Here is a blog I follow which has beautiful artistry. Its a textile designer’s blog about seasonal colour, screen printing and pattern design…Hand drawn nature which then inspire colour ways and artworks. Here is one of her artworks. Worth a quick squiz…… I particularly like this one where the canvas sits on a pot plant so […]

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Final Products!

Hi there,


Well, this week is a big week for Sydney Textile Co. We get final samples back. After six months of drawing, designing, researching colours and trying to stay true to our “Beautiful Designed, Australian Inspired” ethos we will finally see the designs, to scale, in colour as a fabulous beach bags, tote, scarf or […]

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