Design Stories – Annan Fabrics

I was delighted to find a book called Australian Accent in my local library this week. It features the designs of Annan Fabrics from the 40s and 50s. The bold screen-printed fabrics of Alexandra (Nance) Mackenzie and Anne Outlaw together are Annan Fabrics. Their studio was in Mosman (Vista St) for 13 years although a […]

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From the Design Mash to “Verse” the new collection

Today I wanted to share a bit more about the design mash so I have two videos for you. In them I talk about the paintings as they develop then the second video explains how the designs evolved from these artworks. I have called the collection “Verse” as it was inspired by Australian poetry/bush ballads. And what […]

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The Design Mash

Hi there,

Ok so sorry I got completely swamped with my life in the last two months. I am sure many of you know that feeling. Children, commitments and working from home is such a 9-230 juggle. And lets face it winter makes you want to hibernate!

But Im back to focussing on the website and working […]

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Eucalyptus Pattern

Ok so today I am back on the tools and playing with patterns. I have gone back through my diary and found a nice doodle from a Eucalyptus frond. Here is the original.

From here I recreate it in Illustrator. Breaking down each shape to be unique so it can be manipulated. And then I organise the into […]

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Balancing work and Family.

This week I read a great article in Business Insider about ‘mumpreneurs’. It was just what I had been discussing with my husband after 5 weeks of sick children at home and how hard to was balancing work and family.

So I am conscious of sharing a bit more about what it is like to work […]

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More about Meredith

Well as we get closer to finishing printing the tea towels here is some more visual nuggets from Meredith’s visual diary and some snaps of her emerging fabric collection.

Here is a design we didn’t end up going with but was a close runner up. Inspired by Meredith’s life as a chef and genuine love for […]

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Design Collaborations

A wise friend once said to me that you should start how you want to finish. So with this in mind one month after launching the Summer Collection we turned around and added our first collaboration and I am so glad we did! We joined forces with fellowSydney designer Meredith Gain to pull together a collection […]

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Design A Day

Ok so for todays little exercise I played with the trend Avant Garde. By definition it is about trying new things or a new way. Here is a mood board to show you the feel of this trend.


It is very loose and fun and simply yet random in its disruption in placing shapes. In my […]

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Design a Day

As part of my Design a Day challenge, today I have been working on a new pattern inspired by geometrics and stencil art. Here are my inspiration images I started from.


From here I had to decide on my geometric shape and have always had a thing for little crosses. So I added a layer of […]

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Design a Day

Okay so here are some of my designs from this exercise. Remember, not all designs are of a finished standard. This is just to get the creative juices flowing again as we head into the winter collection. Here I played with an old idea “There Birds Plotting” A Kookaburra, Cockatoo and Rosella plot on the […]

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