From the Design Mash to “Verse” the new collection

Today I wanted to share a bit more about the design mash so I have two videos for you. In them I talk about the paintings as they develop then the second video explains how the designs evolved from these artworks. I have called the collection “Verse” as it was inspired by Australian poetry/bush ballads. And what […]

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From the Studio

Today in the studio I am working on product development. So what does this mean? Here is a great little graphic out of a library book I am using at the moment. It shows the various steps in the cycle.
from – Designing fashion Accessories by John Lau

Specifically I am working on the new scarf range […]

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More about Meredith

Well as we get closer to finishing printing the tea towels here is some more visual nuggets from Meredith’s visual diary and some snaps of her emerging fabric collection.

Here is a design we didn’t end up going with but was a close runner up. Inspired by Meredith’s life as a chef and genuine love for […]

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Behind the Designs – Part 3 The Koala

While finishing my Surface Design Diploma, we were working on a brief for wallpaper. One of my very talented fellow students Saskia Dommisse designed a beautiful triangle geometric which you can see on the left of the first image above. I have always had a thing for geometrics and triangles are also very in at […]

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Behind the Designs Part 2 – The Seagull

I was out one day and took a photo of a seagull on the beach.  Common as muck and yet I bet there isn’t an Aussie out there who doesn’t battle to keep his hot chips from the cheeky birds when lunching by the sea. It is this brazen cheekiness that inspired me. It is […]

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