A wise friend once said to me that you should start how you want to finish. So with this in mind one month after launching the Summer Collection we turned around and added our first collaboration and I am so glad we did! We joined forces with fellowSydney designer Meredith Gain to pull together a collection of tea towels and aprons to supplement our summer collection.

First we research colour trends and decided on a direction that would sit well with what we had but also work with where the trends are going for 2015. Then we set ourselves the task of pulling together some designs that would sit well together as a family. The result is some really beautifully designed patterns that make great tea towels!

Ill photograph the production of these tea towels this week from the new studio but in the meantime here is what I learned about Meredith along the way…..


What inspires Meredith?

Positive people, Sunshine, Nature especially water and it’s surrounds, Architectural lines.


What is her design process?

It may be a walk around the beautiful Sydney coastline or a picture in a magazine but I do spend ALOT of time on Pinterest browsing. I take this all in and after jotting down ideas I play around in Illustrator till a pattern forms and build a ‘story’ from there …


What is Meredith’s favourite pattern and why?

My favourite pattern is simple black & white line work … Can be fine and detailed or strong and stark + dots gets me every time.


How does she work with trends and what trends do you think we will see this year?

I watch the fashion trends of now and future trend boards …

Fashion tends to trickle over into interiors and I think we will see a lot of simple black and white patterns .. structural/textural lines with a punch of colour .. From lovely rich jewel tones to muted tones that are stronger than the recent pastels but not too bold … I also think text as a pattern would be interesting !!


Who would your desire mentor be?

My dream mentor would be a mix of DVF & Florence Broadhurst & Marimekko


What do you hope to achieve this year?

To sell or license my artwork & begin to build my “lounging” designware range …. bed linen, pjs etc


Ill also post more on Meredith’s work and visual diary this week too….stay tuned.