Ok so today I am back on the tools and playing with patterns. I have gone back through my diary and found a nice doodle from a Eucalyptus frond. Here is the original.

Original-Eucalypt-doodleFrom here I recreate it in Illustrator. Breaking down each shape to be unique so it can be manipulated. Blue-Gum-stage-oneAnd then I organise the into the original groupings.



I always check I like the design in Black and White first. I look at composition, scale and start to think through the shape of the tile and therefor the type of repeat. This motif is in a square tile so my simplest options are to look at brick repeats. But these can be at any interval and can also turn as they go.

Because the pattern has lines in it it will have a natural rhythm. If I start rotating the tile at each repeat this will become too busy so I have stuck to a simple 1/2 brick repeat to break the seams and let the shapes be the hero and I have added three harmonious colours to help your eye travel through the design. Here is the final tile in colour.Blue-Gum-step-3Here it is in an undulating repeat. Simple, fun and delicious Eucalyptus pattern for the day. What do you think? Do you like?