Today in the studio I am working on product development. So what does this mean? Here is a great little graphic out of a library book I am using at the moment. It shows the various steps in the cycle.

prod-dev-cyclefrom – Designing fashion Accessories by John Lau


Specifically I am working on the new scarf range for summer 2015. I want to improve the fabrics, the design process, the story behind each scarf and the shape. So I have a number of things to get moving on!

First things first I always research the history of the product encase it triggers some inspiration. Scarves have been around for a very long time. The Chinese used them to show various ranks with in the military, the Catholics use the Mantilla (made from Lace) in Spain, headscarves are worn for religious reasons by Muslims in Indonesia and the Middle east and universities use it with insignias to align students to the institution. In western society they are used for warmth and fashion statements.

In Australia we use scarfs for two reasons. Warmth in winter and sun protection in summer. So I am working on two different base cloths using cellulose and protein fibres. One, a mix of cotton and wool and the other a sheer lightweight muslin or linen that breaths easily in summer. I am also keeping a silk option in the mix as well. Woven and knitted fabrics are out for me wanting to screen or block print and any fabric with stretch is a no go. I also have to be careful that the fabric can handle the heat curing process. Once I source the right fabrics I can then look at the colour range or if I will dye the fabric and move onto shape.

There are a few different options with scarves. The long rectangle, the square, the infinity or we can make our own variation with in this. I have yet to decide which way to go on this and part of this decision will come down to the fabric I choose, if silk then it will be square for example plus I look at the design and how it will look wrapped in various forms. The final factors are if I want to claim a particular shape as unique to Sydney Textiles and what is cost effective when cutting the fabric to create the least amount of wastage.

Next is researching design and trends. Ill spend more time on other blog posts talking about whats coming in trends but for now I have created a product board for one design idea for the new scarf range. This gives me the overall feel and direction I want for this particular scarf.

Feathers and Block prints

I love the circular print and that it was made from block printing with a Potato! I want some colour contrast in my trimming and I love the hand drawn organic feel of block printing. I want to combine this direction with the subject matter of feathers. I think it is an upcoming design trend and I like the idea of featuring some of our Awesome Australian feathers into a pattern.

So that is where I got to today in the studio. What did you do?

Ill blog again with the fabric and design development so stay tuned….