Well as we get closer to finishing printing the tea towels here is some more visual nuggets from Meredith’s visual diary and some snaps of her emerging fabric collection.

Here is a design we didn’t end up going with but was a close runner up. Inspired by Meredith’s life as a chef and genuine love for food it is of course the Lamington!


Here are some pages from her visual diary which is part of her first fabric collection to come. A very graphic meets architectural style of beautiful repeat patterns. Cant wait to see these on a chair in the near future!



For Sydney Textile Co. ‘Tropical rain’, ‘Kookas’ and ‘Gum Blossoms’ are Merediths contributions to the Tea Towel Collection for 2015. Again loose, graphic, architectural and strong repeats true to Meredith’s style that work beautifully together.

Gum-Blossom-Hanging Trop-Rain-TT-Hanging Kookas-TT-Hanging





To follow Meredith’s progress in the textile world follow her on instagram @misspopsi…