Hi there,

Ok so sorry I got completely swamped with my life in the last two months. I am sure many of you know that feeling. Children, commitments and working from home is such a 9-230 juggle. And lets face it winter makes you want to hibernate!

But Im back to focussing on the website and working on some exciting things that I wanted to share with you. In the anticipation of  summer, I have been working on improving the products, researching digital sales strategies and also looking at concentrating on my art. I had lots of positive feedback from the first art series and thought i’d dial up another series of two before Christmas. Plus who doesn’t love being in the art studio all day and getting covered in paint!

At the same time I reached out to another woman/mumprenuer whom I have wanted to meet for some time, Emma from My Bespoke Chair. Long story short we had a great coffee and it lead to the idea of doing a collaboration for the spring. I went straight into action mode and researched trends in both colour and design for both fashion and interiors. Plus because we both love and produce art we thought we would create an art series that leads to a design series. Sadly Emma has had to back out due to personal reasons but I have decided to steam on!

So The Design Mash was born. Nov 5th 6pm is the launch of the exhibit at ISCD in North Sydney. I am madly painting, designing and freaking out to get everything together but I’d have it no other way. Plus I think it is good to see everything as it truly is – even if it is a bit raw. If we only ever saw glossy finished pieces you’d never have the courage to try it yourself. So this is me wanting to share this process with you, drum up some PR for the business, Some new designs for STC and hopefully inspire other’s to get designing and or painting along the way.

To start I chose three famous Australian pieces of literature. Bush ballard – Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Paterson, Folk song “Along the road to Gundagai’ by Jack O’Hagan and “My Country” by Dorothea MacKellar. I am also thinking of doing a piece on Henry Lawson because I think his Mustache is so riduclous but Ill see if there is enough time.

Next I interpret the words in my own way. I am looking to put a contemporary spin on it. So I focused on key symbols or elements and dial that up. I hand drew elements to get made into screens and looked at a colour palette to apply to the series. Next I sketched up rough plans for each piece and then went to work.

Ill blog more as I go but here is the first finished piece.

There’s a track winding back
to an old-fashioned shack.”
Along the road to Gundagai.
Where the gum trees are growin’
and the Murrumbidgee’s flowin’
beneath the sunny sky.
Oh my mother and daddy are waitin’ for me
And the pals of my childhood once more I will see
And no more will I roam ‘cos I’m headin’ right for home
Along the road to Gundagai.

This is the first verse in the chorus of the folk song, ‘Along the road to Gundagai’ by Jack O’Hagan. It was a polar WWII song and is based around Gundagai which is a dual town on the Murrumbidgee River in NSW. Growing up my grandfather had a large sheep station outside Canberra and a cattle dog names “Bidgee” so there is a lot of nostalgia for me in these words.

I wanted to capture the elements of old Australian architecture in the local pub where everyone would congregate, the frightening yet charming outdoor tin shed funny and the country shack mentioned in the poem. I also love the nostalgia of the sheep stations of NSW so I mashed in the patchwork trend and 2016 colours with the stencils from sheep stations in operation today. I also couldn’t help but put in the symbol of the dog on the tucker box which is a famous statue in Gundagai based on the story of a loyal cattle dog who guarded his boss’s lunch (tucker box) until he dies. But in true Australian larikinism it is believed that the original saying might have been that the dog actually “Shat” on the tucker box! Ill leave that one up to you to decide…..

Here is the mood boards for the colour and art inspiration and the final piece is the featured image above…… Ill write again soon with more as I go. Now it is onto “Waltzing Matilda”.

Art inspiration behind the project

Art inspiration behind the project

Colour Inspiration 2016 for the project

Colour Inspiration 2016 for the project