Social-teaserEssenceI love the word essence. I immediately think about highly concentrated, deliciousness that is the secret ingredient in anything good! Like backyard cricket in summer or a spa at the end of a hard days work on a farm! So what is our essence?

Well, what do we know so far. Iconic Australian Design House, that aims to build a great Australian Design library from a collection of talented people. So when I boil this all down our essence has to be around Australia and it has to be around Australian stories. So lets run with “Anything Australian”. Now that is a big call, cause we have some very uncool things (Pauline Hanson, and A few NRL players come to mind) and some truly awesome elements to Australia. Its easy to say we are about meat pies, mates and the beach but actually Australia has grown up a lot since I was a child and its time we celebrated more than the clichés. We live in a more complicated world and our agility to change along side it has been documented internationally as an example of a highly functioning democracy! There are some cool books out, one of which was written by a social blogger Louise Hanson,  who visited a new Sydney suburb and wrote about it each week for a year. Its called 52 Suburbs and its worth a read. It highlights how incredibly different one suburb is from the next and I think a good point in case to show how many different facets Australia has now. I won’t say we are multicultural as that was the buzz phrase of the 90s so what are we now?

So with that inspiration behind us, lets go on a similar journey and sniff out our essence ‘Anything Australian’ and rewrap it from a design point of view. ……….Let’s begin……..